All You Need To Know Before Buying A Trampoline

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Trampolines are a source of many wonderful childhood and family moments that for long define our stay on this incredible planet. It is not unusual to hear adults discuss their first trampoline, or recall fondly their initial fascinations to the joys that a trampoline affords. And that is why if you are considering buying one, you should at least have some background information about them and to help you out, here is all you need to know before buying a trampoline

1. Choose one depending on the space available to you

Trampolines come in all sizes and the one that suits your needs the most might as well depend on the space that you have available in your backyard or whatever it is that you have going. Where you place the trampoline must also be free of any debris, trees, hard surfaces or any vegetation other than grass and this is to guard against injuries which are all too common with trampoline use although safety issues will be covered later. You will however need a flat surface for the trampoline, with a sizeable clear field of play and at least eight meters clearing from the ground.

2. The Jumper

Consider who the jumper is before committing to buying a trampoline but of course you have except that you might not know that children below the ages of 5 are not really supposed to use a trampoline as they are not ready for the jump yet and that some home owners insurance policies do not cover injuries resulting from trampoline use. There is also an option for folding trampoline for which you can see folding trampoline review. Also trampolines have a maximum user weight that you have to take in consideration you certainly don’t want users to “bottom out” meaning to touch the ground before a jump- it doesn’t reflect well on the jumper.

3. Safety

Safety should be the primary concern of every parent no matter the play device but with trampolines, the question of safety takes even much greater weight because the jumping activity can get out of hand real fast. You will need to look at the safety features of your trampoline of choice closely. Trampolines for instance used to come without the safety nets that are so common nowadays which means that there is
that extra layer of security that you need to look for and even think about while doing your shopping. Look out for things like shock absorbents, location of the frames and the quality of the safety net. While injuries resulting from trampoline use have been the decline because of added safety precautions, there are several other ways of reducing incidences that you need to implement.

· Adult supervision- have someone watching the
kids play that way any unruly behavior can be swiftly dealt with

· No more than two jumpers at a time- most injuries happen because kids want to experience the trampoline together which leads to situations of some falling on others and elbows clashing.

· Get insurance cover- Hopefully you will never
have to use it.

4. Warrant and Durability

You must have expected this and with good reason because warranties can tell you a lot about the manufactures confidence in their own product and its durability. It is simply a question of making
the most of your purchases and what better way than a safeguard to your investments on the quality childhood you desire for your kid.