Which Are The Best Car Dash Cam Brands


Have you ever been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and it was your word against someone else’s? Our roads are definitely not accident free and to have a peace of mind in times of disputes over who is liable in an accident, a dashboard camera can really help. Fitting your car with a dashcam can also help you reduce your insurance premiums. Learn more about all that here.

This article seeks to discuss some of the best dashboard cameras that you can find in the market. Here are some of them:

(1)Novatek NT96650 G1W

In addition to being the world’s best-selling dash cam, it is also the cheapest of them all. But even with its low price, you cannot go wrong with the Novatek G1W. It comes with a car adapter, mini USB cable, windshield mount as well as a HDMI cable. Its 2.7-inch LCD screen makes it easier for you adjust settings such as loop recording length, camera resolution, or the screen duration (this prevents driver distraction). It also has an accelerometer which will detect if the car has been hit and earmark that footage for a later review.

(2)Mobius ActionCam

This high quality dashboard cam is so discreet that you can fit it on your keychain. You can easily attach it to your car, a helmet mount or a drone due to its small size. However, to stay small it sacrifices some features such as the GPS accelerometer and the built-in screen. It is an action camera first and foremost.

The good thing about the small size is that the driver and other motorists are not distracted while on the road.

(3)Papago P2 Pro

This is the perfect cam for the professional driver or anyone looking to fit his car with some fancy features. In addition to the accelerometer, this top-notch dash cam will also alert you if you need to turn on your lights, when the car unexpectedly leaves its lane or when a collision is imminent. It even has a Driver Fatigue Alarm to alert you in times of long drives.

The great thing about the P2 Pro is that it uses a capacitor instead of a battery and so there is no overheating. Changing the settings is quick because of the 2.4” LCD screen.

The only drawback of this cam is its size as it can be a distraction.

(4)Cobra Drive FD CDR 900

Dash cam videos can be very entertaining indeed. Their growing popularity have influenced the designing of the Cobra Drive FD CDR 900 Cam. It is Wi-Fi enabled which means users can easily transfer the videos to their smartphones, then upload them through You Tube or their favorite social media.

(5)Garmin Dash Cam 20

This cam leans towards simplicity and it is very light on extra features. It records as long as the car is running. It comes with a 23” LCD bright display, easy-to-use menus. You can adjust the accelerometer’s sensitivity and review your footage while in your car. There is no need for a power cord as it uses a rechargeable battery. If you are in an accident you can use it outside the vehicle to document the damage. The only drawback is that it is a little pricey as the Garmin name does not come cheaply.

The above brand names are popular ones and so is the rexing-vi-2. In any case, I see dash cams becoming more mainstream in the years to come and their recordings could be noted as vital reference material in insurance and accident cases.

Guide To Hiring A Reliable Car Keys Locksmith In San Francisco

Guide to hiring a reliable car keys locksmith in San Francisco

There are a lot of mobile locksmiths who have their own vehicle. Whenever you call them, they reach within a short span of time to help you out. Still, if a locksmith is located at the other end of the town, there’s no way he can come fast in spite of having a vehicle. There are few things as annoying and frustrating as being locked out of your home or car. People take all sorts of desperate measures to get inside their homes and cars when they’re locked out, but such times call for calm and composed thinking. You should always keep the contact details of a few car keys locksmith san francisco because they’re experts at opening locks, making duplicate keys, making new locks and helping you whenever there’s a time of crisis and you’re locked out.
While hiring a professional locksmith, you need to consider quite some qualities and tips that will ensure that you hire the best locksmith around you.


These days, there are a lot of mobile locksmiths who have their own vehicle. Whenever you call them, they reach within a short span of time to help you out. Still, if a locksmith is located at the other end of the town, there’s no way he can come fast in spite of having a vehicle. Since people in emergency can’t wait for long and start panicking, it is better you check out the location of the locksmith. If it’s nearby, you will be satisfied on receiving quick help.


How can you be sure that the mobile locksmith will come as soon as you place a call? Reliability is important and you should ask for references from colleagues, neighbors and family to confirm if a particular locksmith is reliable or not. Along with reliability, even trustworthiness is important. Always look for a licensed practitioner who is registered with the government. Since locksmiths know the key to every lock, someone who’s had a bad history can make a duplicate key and flick your belongings as well.

Always ask for a bill

Whenever you get work done from lock smiths, make sure you ask for a bill. This way, you will have a proof that that you’ve paid all your dues and in case there’s some dispute in future, you will have the bill in your possession as a proof. Check for the company’s official seal and stamp of a senior official or the proprietor.  Find more san francisco car locksmith on hotfrog.

It is not difficult to find a reputed locksmith in your locality these days. If in case you don’t know about one, then getting information on the internet is the best way to go. Not only will you be able to find out information on the best locksmiths all over your country and state but also in the locality you reside in. Whenever you need the service, they will attend to your security needs right away.

It is not just for emergencies that locksmiths are available. Their services are required at many different times. They are also experts in helping you to take a decision on the type of security your storage facility, holiday home, villa, office or home etc need. To give you advice on a variety of security systems available, the right locksmith has necessary qualification.

Personal references

There’s nothing better than word of mouth. That’s why personal references work the best. Ask your friends and family members who’ve been locked out before for the locksmith they’ve consulted. If they recommend someone, then take the number of that locksmith and always keep it stored in your cell phone.
You might get a lot of local locksmiths who are able in their craft. From amongst them, you should choose an experienced one since he will have a good reputation in the market and because of his experience, would be well equipped at handling different kinds of locks.