Using Eyelash Glue The Right Way

eyelash glue

Applying eyelashes using eyelash glue is the simple and inexpensive trick for brightening your eyes for a night out. Once you have picked out and buy the right ones for your eye shape and structure, you’ll want to make sure your application process is flawless so as to ensure the worry-free night of glitz and glamour. Here are the eyelash glue reviews & the steps of using eyelash glue the right way.


The eyelash must be direct from the casing or packet in which they were received. This prevents particles of dust and dirt attaching to the strip that makes contact with the skin on your eyelids. Washing your hands with warm water and antibacterial liquid soap can also help to eliminate dirt on your fingers and will reduce the risk of infection. It is also important to have a clean surface, eyelash adhesive and a pair of tweezers within easy reach before using eyelash glue.


The application of the eyelash using eyelash glue can determine how natural the lashes will look, therefore it is important to pay attention to detail during this process. The recommended method is slightly different to what most will do, however the success rate is far greater then applying excess glue to the lash and potentially damaging it…

Apply a pea-sized amount of eyelash adhesive onto the back of your hand.Pick the lash up with tweezers making sure to grab the strip where the material is more durable.Gently run the strip of the lash across the glue, making sure it is evenly distributed across the entire length of the strip. If you accidentally apply too much blow gently in a side-to-side motion to make the glue less runny.Bring the lash up to your eyelid and apply light pressure along the strip making sure each edge is firmly stuck to your lid.

Checks and Adjustments

Once the eyelash is applied using eyelash glue there are a several checks that can be done to ensure the lash is applied firmly and will not fall off later on. Firstly, the lash should not have any edges that overhang from the natural shape of your eyelid. If the strip is hanging off in the corners then the lash may need to be reapplied or trimmed to fit your eye. It is worthwhile checking for any visible eyelash glue on the skin surrounding your eye. If lash glue is visible on your skin it could potentially find its way into your eye and cause irritation or infection. Generally speaking high quality, professional lash glue should not do this but many standard glues can end up being visible on the lid which draws attention to the lashes and ruins the look. If this lash glue is visible you may need to remove it with a damp flannel. Bear in mind that the best eyelash glue is usually available in two colours. If you are using black eyelash glue you will be able to blend the glue against your lash and it will appear more natural!

Once you are happy with the position and look of your eyelashes you can resume with the rest of your makeup. Some women prefer to apply lashes by using eyelash glue at the end of their makeup regime but this really is personal preference.


Which Are The Best Rain Boots For Girls

Girls rain boots

If you want to look great, even when it rains outside, you need a stylish pair of girls rain boots. Any old pair of rubber boots will keep your feet dry when you go from house to car, but as soon as you get to wherever you go, you do not want to be seen in a rough old boot. You want the pair to look good, no matter what you wear.

Tie Dye Raisin

One pair that has a nice look is the rain shoe Tie Dye Raisin from 1.4.3. Girl. This shoe is mostly light blue with a black strip on top and bottom. In the center is a large symbol of peace. The whole boot has a hairstyle tinted, with white stripes, as you would see in a shirt with a tie, where the dye was blocked. The very symbol of the world is mostly purple with the yellow in the middle.

Scottie-dog version

Another spiky pair of 143 rain boot girls is the Scottie-dog version with a twist. These boots are red with Scotty’s black dogs all over the top. There is a black band around the top of the boot and the bottom of the foot. The soles are made of black rubber.

Cheetah print Chooka

For women who love animal prints, the cheetah prints rain boots from the Chooka will give you a wild look that fits well with your other animal clothing items. If you have a cheetah or a shield to print a leopard, these shoes are an ideal choice. They can even look great when mixed with other animal prints if you are careful in choosing.
These boots for young ladies are decorative to the point that they make any girl eager to wear them and wear. Truth be told, numerous young ladies put them on even dry and warm days to wear planner elastic boots. Try not to be shocked if these young ladies don’t put on their young ladies, rain boots around the house, imagining that this day it’s drizzling. These boots are quite recently excessively charming, making it impossible to only sit at the entryway or in the wardrobe, at any rate as indicated by the young ladies they are implied for.
These young ladies are waterproof as well as extremely snazzy with their brilliant hues and other keen plans. They are reasonable for every day wearing, and additionally for the smoothed climate. It is not any more vital for guardians to undermine or request that their youngsters wear elastic boots; it’s more similar to requesting that they take them off and not wearing them on dry days. These shoes for young ladies are useful for stormy days as well as with thick socks; they are awesome for blanketed days and grimy enterprises. Boots are just washed off with a water hose, and they are prepared for the following experience of kids. These child boots for young ladies can be worn with jeans or dresses, and they are for the most part so trendy because of their style and hues.

Classic Chooka shoes

Finally, for a stylish look that is not too modern or luxurious, try a pair of classic Chooka shoes. These boots are gray or black and have both stripes and dots. The leg and the shaft are covered with white peas, and on the lower part of the foot – a strip of stripes, directly above the black sole. Another strip of stripes surrounds the leg at the top of each shoe. At the top of the boot, there is one buckle attached to the striped strip.