Dog training collar facts

Whether you prefer calling them e-collars, shock collars, or electric training aids, dog training collars are designed to facilitate operant conditioning, a very basic form of learning. If you have a puppy that barks persistently or you just want to train your dog, the use of a dog training collar may be worth considering.

shock collar

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of dog training collar as a way of behavior modification. Some people like it while others loath it. For you to decide whether the use of dog training collar is the method for you here are a number of dog training collar facts that you should know.

Shock Collars Are Not A Torture Device

A shock collar is just like any other behaviour modification training tool, which is designed to apply negative stimuli to subject whenever necessary. When used properly, the shock collar can be an easy and a very effective way to train your dog.

Modern shock collars have many different shock levels that allows you to adjust the collar in a way that you only use the minimum level of shock required. Furthermore, having many levels ensures that you can get the exact level for your dog, avoiding overstepping. With the proper use, the collar is just as great as an enhanced leash.

Shock Collars Can Be Easily Misused

Although the dog shock collar was designed to be used positively, it can easily be misused to cause the subject extreme discomfort.

When using the dog training collar, one should apply the least amount of force required to discipline the dog. However, the shock collar allows you to use different shock levels and using a higher level than what is necessary could be used to torture the dog.

Shock Collars Do Not Affect The Relationship Between The Dog And Its Owner Negatively

The relationship between the dog and its master does not succeed because the dog is highly trained or the two are friends but because the two understand that they are a team. The two have a symbiotic relationship where each party is better of with the other than it would be alone.

Just like in any other relationship, rules and boundaries must be set and observed. As the master, you have an obligation of reinforcing this rules to ensure that the relationship remains benefitial to both of you.

This brings about the need for you to discipline your dog. The shock collar only helps you disciplining the dog, just like you would do using any other training method.

Shock Collars Is A Shortcut

Some people claim that using a training dog collar is a lazy method of training. Others believe that it is a way to avoid the putting in the amount of work required to train your dog.

However, using a training dog collar is far from cheating and it is without a doubt not a lazy way of teaching your dog. The collar does not shorten or speed up the training process in any way. The training process followed when using the shock collar is very similar to that followed when using other non-shock methods.

From the above dog training collar facts, it is clear that even though using shock collars have some downsides, it is not as bad as people perceive it to be. It is a positive and effective training method that can help you get the results you wish for.

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