Going Through the Trouble in Choosing a New Cologne


When browsing for a new cologne fragrance, it’s important to keep in mind that it pays to be patient. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is testing several fragrances at one time. In fact, testing more than one is not an optimal way to choose. Spraying one fragrance on one and expecting it to not affect the smell, on the other hand, is a mistake. Freshly applied cologne can affect the smell of another one. To avoid testing ones that are considered a waste of time, check out reviews and tips like the ones found over at TheClassicMen. Avoid the frustration of wasted time from testing unimpressive fragrances.

Also, it helps to use fragrances and skin products of the same line. If you layer them up on your skin, you will enjoy a consistent smell. You can apply a scented body gel then apply body lotion at the same time. If you are using a deodorant as your fragrance, you can combine this with your smell collection. This sustains longevity and fullness. Your overall fragrance and aura will be consistent too. Mixing products from different lines can be risky since their smell might not blend well.

You may wonder why some people still smell after a long day of work. Well, because they know the trick on how to extend the effects of their perfumes. If you apply your fragrance on your dry skin, expect this to fade quickly. Hence, prepare your skin first before putting on your perfumes. A fragrance-free moisturizer will make a lot of difference. In the absence of an unscented moisturizer, you can use petroleum jelly. This reduces or gets rid of the need for reapplication of perfume from time to time. Alcohol based products can also be drying to your skin.

As for the storage, it is best to keep your aftershaves and colognes in cool, dry places. Keep them away from sunlight. Sun rays can lower the perfumes potency so better keep it from sunlight exposure. It also helps to strategically apply your cologne on areas that will make them smell appealing to other people. As the fragrance mix with your body’s natural smell, expect people to ask more about your fragrances since these will emit a distinct smell. And again, cologne or perfume application can only be at its best when applied in fewer amounts. Showering yourself with cologne will only make you smell offensive.

The best time to wear cologne is after a hot shower. Since it is a time when your pores open, it maximizes the effects of your fragrance as the pores capture its scent. Hence, you will smell good the whole day. If you apply fragrances on a dirty skin, you will end up smelling like a middle school locker room.

If you apply cologne, don’t combine it with skin products with a strong smell.  Among these are deodorants, scented soaps, and body washes. Their strong fragrance will conceal the smell of your cologne. Hence, wearing cologne will end up pointless. Use fragrance-free soap instead or light scented body wash and deodorant.

Remember, wearing colognes and other fragrances may either build you up or break you. Hence, find ways to make it work for you and not go against you.


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