How To Pick The Best Steak Knives

How To Pick Best Steak Knives

We all know that a good steak knife generally gives you an enjoyable cutting process right? We are talking about making those fine pieces of steak. You don’t want a steak knife that can’t speed that flavor cut of steak meat to your mouth.

If you are looking for the best set of steak knives, then there are certain considerations that are important in this case, according to The reason being that, these knives may come with different shapes when it comes to blades whilst some will also possess handles of different types. Learning the basics could actually help you choose the best steak knives.

Do you know what makes steak knives differ from the rest? Well, first a steak knife must always look good and elegant and at the same time feel good from just looking at it. Secondly a steak knife will never in any case be used on the cutting board but only on a plate. You will only understand the second difference when we take a look at the edge factor.

Let me take you through some of the basics on how to pick the best steak knives that will definitely be of great help to you.

1. Balance

Before you can embark on your journey to bring your set of steak knives in your kitchen it’s important to consider the choice of balance. You can always judge this by paying close attention to the steak knives before making selections. It’s not literally that the steak knife has to balance with the blades weight. Best steak knives must have great balance and this can only be determined by handling them. Here is what to consider;

· Is the knife comfortable when holding it? If yes then you are on the right track

· Does the blade align with the handle; well if it does, then it could actually make a good steak knife

· How does the handle and blade measure in terms of weight? Is the weight proportional or not? Remember that if the weight is equally distributed between the blade and the handle, it’s the best choice.

2. The Blade

This is the second most important basic of them all; remember that when it comes to blades there are no wrong or right choices. Your preference matters and this goes a long way with your style. There are mainly 3 different blade types that are mainly associated with steak knives; that is the straight, serrated and hollow edges.

· Straight edge

Steak knives with this kind of edge are the easiest when it comes to sharpening them. They allow smooth clean cuts and they also don’t tear the meat fiber. A Straight edged steak knife will require regular sharpening.

· Hollow edges

These are the kind of steak knives that bare measured indentations on the edge. These steak knives usually have air pockets which prevent sticking of food on the blade. Hollow edged steak knives can always be the best choice

· Serrated edge

Do you know that serrated edged steak knives don’t require sharpening all the time? Well this is mainly due to the few exposed edges on the knife. Serrated edges will always make precise clean cuts when it comes to meat.

Choosing the best steak knives can be a hard task, but once you have mastered the basics then you are good to go. Here are some of the important basics on how to pick the best steak knives that will make your dream come true.