Popular Glass Blowing Starter Kits

Glass Kit

The following packages for glass blowing provide you with every necessary and needed equipment as a starter to blowing glass. Other aspects which come along with glass blowing are propane tank, oxygen tank and a work space that is properly ventilated.

1. Essential upgrade tool kit

This glass blowing tool kit comes with more features than just the other basic tools which you will need every day for glass blowing. If you are a beginner and really don’t know the other tools required in glass blowing, this tool kit is well equipped to help you have ease as you start. It gives you a chance of getting to know much about each glass blowing tool found in the market. It includes:

• Bench rollers or yoke.
• Necking Brass tool.
• Tungsten Probe about 1/8 inches in diameter.
• Blow Hose made of Rubber an adapter kit about three packs.
• ¼ inch Right angle brass swivel.
• Kevlar gloves large in size.
• Cup shears which are light.
• Diamond shears in medium size.
• Graphite mold marble which is six in one.
• Graphite reamer which is tampered about five to twenty millimeters.
• Blast shield of 3 inches by 4 inches graphite paddle.
• Blast shield of 5 inches by 8 inches aluminum handle.

2. Professional Revere starter kits

These kits are designed specifically for professional blowers of glass featuring the best equipment and tools. It is recommended that the kit come with GTT torch with Mirage, Phantom and Lynx. GTT torches actually are of very high quality but highly coveted such that much time may be spend while awaiting for the torch.

3. 6B National starter kit

This features a bench torch alongside a stand and some barbed fittings. Other features include:
Single hole, three plastic shade clip-ons to reduce sodium bright flare as well as infrared invisible rays, Philips glasses, wire grabbers which are large fingers for holding which open up and also close down to grasp items 4mm long. It is also simple to use, lightweight and has a locking setscrew.

The other features are tweezers, graphite rod both ½ and ¼ inch, glass nippers with wheels, carbide tungsten, fuel gas and oxygen flashback arrestors, fuel hose and fuel gas and oxygen regulators.

4. Glass Bead making Essential kit for beginners

This is an excellent kit which once you have it as a beginner you will only need to practice for very few hours after which you will be able to come up with unique beads of glass in varied sizes and shapes.
The kit includes the following:

Fiber blanket, glass rods, bead release, canister holder, rod scrubber, texturizing grooved marver, texturizing dotted marver, bead rake, mandrels made of stainless steel, bead reamer coated with diamond, protective eyewear, work surface and torch which is self-igniting.

While performing using this kit, use safety special glasses, highly recommended to go for Philips frames PH20 which are glasses that have filtered out glass bright flare of the flame as well as allowing proper seeing with eyes under protection.

Generally, all starter kits for glass blowing come along with user guiding manual which explains the importance of each item in the kit and how to use the items for the its best performance.