Reviews Of Top Post Workout Supplements

Top Post Workout Supplements

Post workout is also known as after workout supplement. They are scientifically designed to restore lost energy and reduce fatigue. Post workout supplements encourage more lean muscle growth to ensure enhanced results. They are used to provide optimal nutrients to your body craves to grow stronger and leaner. One you know what is the best pre workout you can move on to choosing the right post workout supplement for yourself.

Some of the best post workout supplements are:

· Optimum nutrition bcaa pro

· MRM natural reload

· Old school labs vintage build

· Cellucor cor-performance beta-bcaa

· Muscle tech myobuild

· Gat jetmass

· Musclepharm recon

· Rsp nutrition regen

· Pacific health endurox r4

· Myogenix aftershock recovery

Advantages of post workout supplements

· They provide the exact ingredients that help in muscle recovery, reduce the muscle soreness, re-hydrate the body, restore the reduced glycogen levels, support the body immune system and increase the overall muscle protein.

· The supplements allow your body to recover faster and more effective which leads to a long term life.

· After every workout will lead to greater fat loss and muscle gains which leads to greater strength gains and lower body fat percentage.

· Helps to have an overall better looking body.

Effects of post workout supplements

· They lead to muscle gains and fat loss after every workout

· There is the refueling of tired muscles after strenuous exercise has been shown to increase skeletal muscle mass, improve lean body mass and repair damaged muscle fibers.

· They are not only muscle builders but also allow your body to recover faster.

Facts and information about post workout supplements

The modern post workout supplements are very advanced and failure to take advantages of the supplements it is seen to be a mistake according to professional fitness models and athletes so this is why most gym choose to add post workout supplementation into their daily fitness.

Important things to note about post workout supplements


This is a formula that is designed to aid post workout recovery and the following are few ingredients for post workout supplements.

· Branch chain amino acids-it’s a 2:1:1 ratio is ideal to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

· Creatine-its work is for strength, power and muscle growth and its only 5grams recommended daily.

· Citrulline-increases number of production and improves blood flow for more effective nutrient delivery.

· Beta-alanine-this is for maximum physical performance benefits and the used amount is 2-5grams.

· Betaine-increases protein synthesis and promotes muscle strength.

· Taurine-this one reduces stomach cramps and increases nitric oxide.

· Glutamine-it’s important for muscle recovery and growth.

· Protein-protein provides nutrients to your muscles in order to grow at a fast rate.


The best post workout supplement would be from a highly respected brand and best which will provide a high quality products. In this case the older companies are better ones since a lot of products are produced by overnight brands that are in the market for money, so going with a top brand is the safest.

Taste and mixability

Mixability and taste are important because it helps to enjoy drinking your supplement and it will reduce waste of money since you are not going to end up not taking.