Crock Pot Features You Should Look For

1Crock pots otherwise known as slow cookers are a must-have appliance that owners who are on a budget must have. This is ideal for homeowners who are working all day and wants to come home to a hot meal without spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen after school or work. They can cook any cheap cut of meat into a tender morsel and use them to make soups and sauces to compliment dinners. But you have to search for features that will offer you the versatility that can be offered by slow cooking and help you achieve the best tasting meals. The following are some of the features that you must consider when getting one.

Size makes a different when it comes to slow cookers. If your purpose in making your food is just to make soups and casseroles for a single person or sauces to pour on that meal you have already made in the oven, then a small 3 to 4-quart capacity will be your best option. However, if you are planning to make whole meals on a regular basis, or want to make food ahead to freeze to save money then a 6 to 7-quart large cooker will be best for you. Some people end up buying two different sizes to cover all of their needs.

The shape would primarily not make much difference at first glance but it definitely can. While circular slow cookers are good for stews, soups, and sauces. An oval slow cooker will let you make all of that as well as chickens, whole hams, and pot roasts to name a few.

Most slow cookers or crock pots have ceramic inserts, but some are made up of aluminum. Ceramic inserts; this is where the food actually goes into seems to have more flavor when you use a ceramic liner as compared to an aluminum one. But many people prefer the aluminum liner and it really is all a matter of preference and taste. Ceramic is more preferred since the flavor of the food better when this is used, they are easier to clean and the use of aluminum brings a lot of issues that can endanger health.

Slow cookers must come with a glass or plastic lid. Selecting a glass lid that can lock down for transport is the better choice because plastic lids can become foggy over time making it hard to see the food in the slow cooker without opening the lid. The less the lid is removed, the more flavor will remain.

Opt for slow cookers with controllable cooking time. Although this is not a must-have feature, it can come handy for people working away from home. You can set the time you want your meal to be cooked and when it is done it will automatically switch to warm keeping your slow cooker meals hot but not overcooked.

Look for slow cookers with temperature control knob. Depending on what you want to use your cooker for, the temperature control settings can be important. There are three basic types of slow cooking temperature controls. Those with an on and off button, those with a high, low, warm, and off the nob and those where you can actually set the temperature for slow cooking.

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