What Are The Diffferent Types Of Braces

types of braces

Healthy teeth are a sign of a healthy person. It is a very essential part of our face which plays a very vital role in a person’s attractiveness. If we have a teeth related problem then gum diseases, missing teeth, sensitivity and many other problems which crop up easily. Cleanliness of teeth is very important for their preservation. The hygiene, health and appearance of teeth plays an important role in a person’s self image too. You may stop smiling just to hide your teeth from others. You may also find it difficult to difficult to digest the food because with these types of teeth you are not able to chew the food properly and it could lead to digestion problems. Eventually, you may start disliking your favorite food and snacks just because of your unhealthy teeth. A lot of teeth-related issues can be fixed with dental braces.

What are dental braces?

Cheap braces are the devices which help to give a proper position to your teeth. These are also helpful for healthy teeth as they help shape the teeth and jaws. These devices are used in orthodontics by specialized dentists who are expert in their profession and have exact knowledge of placing them.

What Types of Dental Braces are available?

There are mainly four different types of Dental Braces are available. All of these are helpful in straightening teeth forever without any operation or surgery. This is a cost effective technique and provides good results. A list of the different types of braces is given as below:

Metal Braces

This is the oldest technique and type of dental braces. These are made up of metal. They helps to give proper position to teeth but have a lot of drawbacks like:

  • It can irritate gums and jaws
  • Its size is big that’s why it is easily visible to everyone.
  • You have to change your eating habits, by avoiding the kind of food which can stick to the braces.

Ceramic Braces

These types of dental braces overcome the drawbacks of the previous type (Metal Braces). They don’t fade in color and remain the same. But with these advantages it also has some drawbacks which are given as below:

  • These require more maintenance because these are very sensitive and can break easily.
  • They don’t have a long life.
  • More expensive as compared to the previous one.

Lingual Braces

This is also one of the types of dental braces. Its main advantage is to providing the proper position by being situated behind the teeth. They also have some drawbacks like:

  • It is very costly as compared to others.
  • Sometimes they don’t work as well and may lead to problems for the tongue.

Invisible Braces

This is the latest in the dental braces technology. They are nearly invisible and give a proper direction to teeth but they are very costly. They are recommended for teenagers and adults and generally have a custom fit. Generally, the set of invisible braces (or aligners) that you are using will be changed every few weeks to provide a better fit and focused direction for your teeth to move into the right spot.


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