What Is A Car Jumper And How To Use One

How to use Car Jumper

Every driver needs to know a few basic procedures to keep their car moving or started in crunch situations. For instance on a lonely road not knowing how to change a flat tyre can be dangerous to you. Same when your battery runs down and the car won’t start. You need to know ‘what is a car jumper and how to use one’ in such a situation.

Here you will learn how to start your car with a jumper cable in a few simple steps.

What do you need to jump start your car?

First to get the car started you need a car jumper like the schumacher portable power 1200. Second you need a good Samaritan who will let you use their car battery to start your car. Third you need to know how to use the jumper cable correctly.

It is safest to jump start your vehicle using a battery that has the same voltage rating as your car’s. Next you need to hook up the cables correctly. Other things like negative or positive grounding, whether the other person’s car as alternator or generator don’t matter.

A Word Of Caution Here:

Make sure both your vehicles don’t have electronic ignition or use alternate fuels to run the car. Using jumper cables to start the vehicle can damage the internals of these systems. Also ensure all lights, air conditioning, radio are off. Take out the key to be sure. Ensure that there are no flammable or combustible liquids near by)

Steps To Using Jumper Cable To Start Your Car

1. It is a good idea to buy your own jumper cable (such as the schumacher power 1200) and keep it in the boot for emergencies.
2. Once you have found a car driver willing to help you start your car as them to park it close by. Ensure that the gears are in ‘Neutral’, the ignition shut off and brakes engaged in both the cars.
3. Attach one of the red-colored clips to the positive terminal on your car battery. Usually it labelled ‘POS’, ‘+’ or is bigger than the other terminal which is negative.
4. The other red clip needs to go on the positive terminal of the other car.
5. Attach one black clip to the negative terminal of the ‘OTHER’ car.
6. The last black clip should be attached to an unpainted metal surface of your car – the struts that hold up the hood of your car will do.
( Another word of caution here – Don’t let the positive and negative clips to come in contact in any way.)
7. Start the engine of the other car and let it run for a few minutes.
8. Now try starting your car. Repeat steps 7 and 8 around 5-6 times to help your car to get started. If it won’t start then your battery may be beyond help and needs replacement.
9. If your car starts with one of your tries great. Keep the engine running and drive around for at least 15 minutes to recharge your battery. Don’t shut off the engine during this time for any reason.
10. If this happens again then your battery may not be holding charge and needs to be replaced.

Now you know what is a car jumper and how to use one. Make sure you use it safely and wisely in a crunch situation.