What To Look For In A Virtual Reality Headset

what to look

The latest development in the technology world are the virtual reality headsets. However, most people have no idea what to look for when they go shopping for VR headsets. The segment is quite broad with different companies targeting different aspects of virtual reality.
There are certain things that one should look for when shopping for a virtual reality headset for which you can also go to  http://www.vrprovision.com. This is dependent on the main function of the VR headset. There are two main aspects segments. The first is the phone based VR headsets, and the other is the dedicated VR headsets.

What To Look For In VR Headsets Used With Phones

When it comes to VR headsets that are used only in phones, the type of headset one should go is determined by the type of phone that they are using.

Samsung phone users. If you have a high-end Samsung Phone, or you have the capability of buying one, then the Gear VR is the best option. It is more advanced than the others in this segment. However, the Gear VR does not work with other types of phones.
Android Phones and IPhone Users. A large majority of people use IPhones and other non-Samsung devices. When they want to use this types of phones should opt for the LG 360 VR or the Google Cardboard. Even though this is not as effective as the Gear VR, it will provide an aspect of VR.

However, this segment is expected to get a massive change with Google working hard to bring a better product that will have cross-platform functionality.

What To Look For In The High-End VR Headset Market

This segment is dominated by three main devices; the Sony PlayStation VR, HTC and Valve Vive and the Oculus Rift. These devices allow the users to watch movies and play games from the different devices that are supported. There are certain things that one should look at before making a purchase.

Device cost. Devices in this segment are usually high, and this determines what the buyer opts for. The Rift costs around 599 dollars, the Vive costs around 799 dollars while the PlayStation VR costs 399 dollars.
The compatibility. Compatibility with devices is a major factor that buyers should consider. The PlayStation VR only works with PlayStation consoles. The Rift and Vive are compatible with high-end computers. There is a need to ensure that your computer is capable of meeting the minimum specifications when you opt for the Vive of the Rift.
Space and movement. This issue specifically affects gamers who want to use the devices for gaming. How much you can move around depends on the VR headset one chooses and the  vr headset reviews. Sony and Oculus went for LED markers tracked by an external camera. This allows limited movement. However, the Vive utilizes a laser-based tracking system. This allows movement of even 15 feet.
Clearly, there are many issues that people should consider when they are looking for a virtual reality headset. When it comes for those that want to use phones, the Samsung Gear VR can be used by those with Samsung flagships. However, the LG 360 VR or the Google Cardboard can be used by those with other phones.
In the high-end segment, the Sony PlayStation VR, HTC and Valve Vive and the Oculus Rift are the best devices. Those who have PlayStation consoles can use the PlayStation VR while other who opt for the other two can use them with high-end devices. For those who like moving a lot around the room, the Vive is the best, but those who being seated can opt for the PlayStation VR or the Oculus Rift.

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