What You Should Know About Treating Ingrown Hair


Ingrown hairs can cause distress, especially if they appear on the face or visible parts of the body. The good news is you don’t have to suffer and just put up with it. There are ways to treat ingrown hair quite easily from home.

Want to know another downside of waxing or shaving? Ingrown hair. They itch like crazy and can be a real pain the neck. Worse than that the more you scratch, the more you risk them getting infected. You can go to best epilator for more info.

No need to worry because it’s completely normal to have an ingrown hair from time to time. While growing, curly hair tends to loop and curl. This might lead them to grow the wrong way. So that instead of breaking the skin they end growing under the skin.

Waxing in the opposite direction your hair grows naturally and shaving with a dull razor only further increases the chance of developing these. The hair shaft is cut-off irregularly which may cause it to grow in unpredictable directions.

If you’re waxing, shaving or plucking your armpits, legs and bikini areas you’re more likely to have ingrown hair. This is because hair in those areas is naturally curly and coarse. So they grow in a spiral which does not break the surface of the skin.

Typically you notice a bump that is small but painful. Inside it the hair is coiled up just underneath the surface of your skin. Some may even develop pus. And while your first instinct is to pop it to let the hair out; this may lead to further infection so proceed with caution.

To help you prevent ingrown hair here are some things that you can do to keep your skin smooth and flawless:


Always remember to clean the area about to be waxed or shaved with salicylic acid. You should also do this after. Exfoliate your skin after each session. This will clean the skin of dirt and dead skin cells so that hair will grow normally.


If you know you tend to develop ingrown anyway, get yourself a topical antibiotic that will work to both prevent infection and cut down any resulting inflammation.

Sharp Razor

You can find a good, sharp razor anywhere so why settle for dulling ones? Not only will it irritate your skin, but you’ll waste your time gliding it back and forth. Start with a fresh razor and immediately see the results.

Professional Help

Let professionals do your bikini line! They can see and reach that area better and more proficiently than you.

Depilatory Cream

Instead of waxing or shaving, why don’t you try using a depilatory cream? By dissolving the hair that’s on top of the skin, it will grow correctly.

You know that ingrown hair can be the bane of your existence. It’s also quite unfair because we are the regular victims. But by following these tips, you can minimize the time spent treating them even if you can’t get rid of them entirely.

For many people ingrown hairs are a daily irritation. Using the above checklist should help you treat ingrown hair successfully at home. However, if the follicle becomes infected or if a person is suffering acute pain it is advisable to seek medical advice from your local qualified practitioner. For more details click onĀ how to prevent ingrown hairs.

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